Business Insurance in O'Fallon, Illinois

Business Insurance in O'Fallon, IllinoisWelcome to Wilson Insurance Group, your best choice of business insurance coverage in the area.

When you are shopping for commercial business insurance in O’Fallon, Illinois, what you need is a company with roots in this land. An insurance group that has an unwavering reputation among small and large businesses alike. One that’s known in the community. You need a company both small enough to provide personalized customer service and large enough to stand by it’s side of the deal should something happen.

Wilson Insurance Group is All Those Things – And More

Our commercial insurance packages are as varied and customizable as the needs of our clients dictate. We have been serving large and small businesses in the community for many decades, having started the agency all the way back in 1978.

Since then we have become an integral part of the town and community that is O’Fallon, Illinois, just as it has grown to be a great part of us. Throughout the years, our company has faithfully stood by local businesses, delivering great insurance packages and an unfailing reliability behind them.

Options for Business Insurance in O’Fallon, IL and the Metro East

Wilson Insurance Group offers a Business Owner’s Policy, which provides property and liability coverage for any business operations, including offices, restaurants, apartments, and more. This umbrella coverage protects your income, building, and property in it. This is just the general outline, of course. Every one of our customers enjoys a personally tailored policy to suit their specific needs.

In addition, we also offer Comprehensive General Liability coverage for your business, including coverage for contractors, Workers Compensation, Contractors Equiptment, and Commercial Vehicles.

Our commercial insurance can also cover special events hosted by your business, such as Galas, Corporate Parties, Business Dinners, and also weddings and other private events. Any event is an investment, after all, often a costly one. You wouldn’t want to lose everything you’ve put into it by accident, and so commercial events – even one-time occasions – are better off being covered by insurance against unforeseen risks or damages.

Our Reputation For Excellence

Wilson Insurance Group’s reputation in Illinois is unwavering, but we are proud to represent the interests of large businesses across the country as well, including such names as Progressive, Travelers, Hartford, AARP and many others.

We are a small company with the muscle of a large firm, a power given us by years or perseverance and dedication on behalf of our clients. The leverage of being a local company with customers all across the country allows us to be more flexible and adaptive to the needs of every single client, offering specially tailored insurance coverage that will suit your specific needs.

Great Leadership Brings Great Results

Last but not least, the leadership of this company is no less than stellar.

With a considerable life experience as a teacher and counselor, Don Wilson made a perfect insurance person – one that truly cares for his clients. This has led his insurance business then, Farmers Insurance, to the prestigious list of top 100 agencies in the country.

Jacqueline Wilson is also an extraordinary individual with an unabated passion for helping others. With a background in Psychology and Mental Health Therapy in an outpatient community agency, she shares Don Wilson’s ideals, making them perfect partners.

If you want your business protected by the best, most reliable insurance group in O’Fallon Illinois, all you need to do is call us. Wilson Insurance Group is here for you.